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New Music: Andrea Di Giovanni’s ‘Bang’ is the Queer anthem you need RN

LGBT+ activist and Pride’s Got Talent Finalist, Andrea Di Giovanni, is set to release the pulsing queer hit you’ve been waiting for.

The new track mixes strong synth backing with powerhouse vocals on the topic of self-liberation. Andrea believes we should “let go of everything that holds us back, so we can thrive and do what we love”, and ‘Bang’ is a track that reminds listeners to lose their inhibitions and live in the moment.


As a rising pop star and activist, Andrea’s music resonates not only with the LGBT+ community but with the pop music scene as a whole. With the main focus on “making a difference” and using the platform they have to inspire positive change, ‘Bang’ is a track that holds no barriers, persuades no minds, and allows the listener to simply break free and enjoy music.


Andrea Di Giovanni is an openly gay gender-fluid pop artist, from Italy and based in London, UK. Andrea’s unigue performance style has led the singer to be scouted by many well-known pop stars, such as 80’s pop icon Sinitta who stated the performer was, “A star… original and fantastic”.

Andrea’s music finds roots in the struggle for equality, combining memorable melodies with empowering messages of self-acceptance.

Bang will be released on Friday 8th March, and available via music platforms Apple Music and Spotify.

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