The team that brought the internet, has started an online campaign to research homophobic trends online.

The project which is being labelled as NoHomophobes 2.0 is using crowd sourcing techniques to obtain labellers to identify tweets that use homophobic language. These human-generated labels will later be used in a machine-learning approach to this research study.

The research team are looking for as diverse a set of individuals as possible to participate in this unique study. You do not have to be a Twitter user or have Twitter account to participate. You can help them by simply visiting our research project to sign up as a labeller to help code the tweets you will see.
“Not only is the labelling process important, it’s also a fun, educational, and eye-opening experience,” said a statement from projects website.
To get involved simply visit: or the Facebook page:
When we asked Twitter what they were doing to combat homophobia online, a spokesperson said:

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“As a policy, we do not mediate content (see section 4 of our Terms of Service) or intervene in disputes between users. However, targeted abuse may constitute an infringement of the Twitter Rules”

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