Day: 27 June 2013

  • Best Universities For Being Gay Friendly

    Stonewall today launches the fourth edition of Gay By Degree, the only guide showing how gay-friendly the UK’s 157 universities are. Gay By Degree 2014, now online at, gives lesbian, gay and bisexual prospective students a single place to find out what each university has to offer them before they apply for places for […]

  • Aims To Research Homophobia Online

    The team that brought the internet, has started an online campaign to research homophobic trends online. The project which is being labelled as NoHomophobes 2.0 is using crowd sourcing techniques to obtain labellers to identify tweets that use homophobic language. These human-generated labels will later be used in a machine-learning approach to this research […]

  • BOOK REVIEW | In His Secret Life, by Mel Bossa

    In His Secret Life is Mel Bossa‘s latest book. Allan has taken care of his sister Elise and her daughter Fay ever since Elise was dumped by Fay’s father. But when Elise meets Dayton, Allan knows things are going to change. It’s not long until Elise & Dayton get engaged and Allan gets to meet […]

  • OPINION | Somethings Change, And Some Things Stay The Same

    In recent time we have seen through various media channels, the march for equal marriage seems to be marching globally and at an ever increasing pace. I don’t know about anyone else but when I look at each news announcement I feel a sense of excitement and joy that the world takes another step towards […]

  • TRAVEL GUIDE | Melbourne

    TRAVEL GUIDE | Melbourne

    I fully expected to be greeted by a throbbing crowd of Hemsworths when I got off the plane at Melbourne Tullamarine airport a few months ago. That didn’t quite happen – but there are still plenty of hotties to stare at… Unlike its sister city and rival for tourists attention Sydney, Melbourne doesn’t scream gay. […]

  • NEWS: The World’s Sexiest Gay Man

    Gaydar have released information on what its users consider to be the world’s sexiest man. In a poll of over 4000 participants, we reveal the world’s most wanted man., one of the world’s most popular gay dating sites, has just surveyed its male members to uncover their thoughts on the most attractive elements of […]