Olympian loses dozens of Instagram followers after sharing kissing picture with husband to be

Olympian loses dozens of Instagram followers after sharing kissing picture with husband to be

15th October 2018 0 By News Desk

Out Olympian Tom Bosworth shared a touching picture of him kissing his husband to be and lost followers on Instagram because of it


Tom Bosworth has revealed that he lost over 50 followers on Instagram after sharing a picture of him kissing his husband to be, Harry. The post was in tribute to National Coming Out Day and outlined how important coming out was to him.

He wrote, “It’s #nationalcomingoutdayso I thought I’d post the reason I came out, both times (to my parents then publicly). Love of my life, my everything – @harryd1010To all those struggling with the decision, if the time is right and you have the reason to do it, then DO IT! You’ll instantly feel better and you’ll wonder why you never did it sooner! It won’t be easy, it is terrifying and there will still be challenges to over come, but trust me, it’s worth it. Goodluck and enjoy being the true you!”


However, it seems the post did not go down too well with some of his followers as he lost 50 of them overnight according to the athlete on Twitter.

He wrote, “Last night I shared this picture on Instagram for #nationalcomingoutday. It received a lot of love! Since then 50people unfollow me!

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“I dont post romantic pictures very often and Ive never hidden who I am so I dont understand why these individuals followed me in the first place!”

Tom got engaged shortly before taking part in the Rio Olympics in 2016. Speaking to THEGAYUK before he left the UK for Rio, Bosworth said, that if Heathrow had the right ring he’d buy it to make his boyfriend an “honest man!”

Speaking about how the pair met Bosworth told THEGAYUK,

“My female friend decided to hit on him. She quite liked the look of him.

“Me and my other friend were sat there trying not to laugh as we quite clearly could see that he perhaps didn’t bat for that team (laughs).

“She got very offended when he said, “You’re not my type.” He was trying to be polite.

“She couldn’t understand why and it was at that point that I walked up to my friend and said, “I think he’s probably more my type, than your type.”

“We got talking from there. The rest is history.”