A new survey has revealed that 54% of gay people in a relationship would feel uncomfortable kissing their partner in public.

  • Over half of LGBT people questioned feared kissing their partner in public
    UK’s first Valentine’s Kiss In happened in London on the steps of Eros
  • Over 1000 people responded to a survey conducted by Pride In London, which asked participants whether they’d be completely comfortable kissing a same-sex partner in public.

Over half (54%) said that they would not be comfortable at all, and even though 46% said they would be, only one third of that group had never had any issues with homophobic responses in the past. Of those who said that they felt uncomfortable nearly 90% said that they feared negative attention that might arise from their PDA.

To combat this, Britain’s very first Valentine’s Day public ‘kiss-in’ took place on the steps of the Eros statue, Piccadilly Circus, launching the campaign for the freedom to kiss in public – whatever your sexuality.

The event officially marks the launch of the ‘Heroes’ theme for Pride in London’s 2015 parade, which takes place in central London on June 27th. Members and spectators of the parade will be encouraged to celebrate the LGBT’s heroes that have championed – or continue to champion equality and our freedom to be ourselves.

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Since going live in January, the ‘#FreedomTo kiss’ campaign has encouraged thousands of people across the capital and the country to kiss their loved one in public, take a photo and post it on social media, tagging #FreedomTo kiss.

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