Day: 14 February 2015

  • Goa Government Plans To Make Young LGBTs “NORMAL”

    Plans are being discussed to set up centres to treat and ‘train’ young gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people to be ‘normal’. Officials in Goa have discussed plans to create centres, similar to Alcoholics Anonymous to treat LGBTs where they will be ‘trained’ and given medicines to make them ‘normal’ state Sports and Youth Affairs […]

  • Robbie Williams: Will My Penis Break The Internet

    Move over Kardashian… Williams’ is on the prowl to break the internet… It almost seems like a distant memory – that time Kim broke the internet by sitting on it… TBH we were more excited by the men who tried to imitate… Now Robbie William’s is in on the act. The Let Me Entertain You […]

  • Over Half of Gay People Feel Uncomfortable Kissing In Public

    A new survey has revealed that 54% of gay people in a relationship would feel uncomfortable kissing their partner in public. Over half of LGBT people questioned feared kissing their partner in public UK’s first Valentine’s Kiss In happened in London on the steps of Eros Over 1000 people responded to a survey conducted by […]

  • USED CAR REVIEW: Mini One D: Fun, Ecomonical But Expensive

    For years, if you were after a premium supermini there was only one choice, BMW’s Mini. Launched a barely believable 14 years ago, the ‘New’ Mini was available in 3 main trim levels, One, Cooper and Cooper S. The majority of cars would leave the factory with a 1.6 petrol offering between 89 and 170 […]