Out Journalist Patrick Studwick has described celebrity blogger Perez Hilton as a stain on the gay community after AIDS remark.

Appearing on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, Patrick Studwick, newly appointed LGBT editor for Buzzfeed UK, remarked that Perez Hilton was a “stain on the gay community”, and a ”despicable human’, after he likening his ‘traumatic’ time and isolation campaign led by Katie Hopkins, was like being ‘diagnosed with AIDS in the early 80s’ Studwick’s comment was met with approval from the Bit On the Side audience, led by Rylan Clark and Emma Willis.

He also said that Perez was the perfect housemate and described him as an ‘eternal catherine-wheel of madness and bile, just kinda of splattering at you’.

Perez’s comment however, visibly upset RuPaul Drag Race judge, Michelle Visage, who shouted back that the comment was ‘extreme’. Earlier in the series Perez offended many viewers by saying that the removal of actor Ken Morley was like being free from cancer.

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In yesterday’s show, Katie Hopkins, Cami Li, Katie Price and Perez were all up for eviction, it was Cami Li who was evicted after failing to secure public votes to be saved. In her exit interview with Emma, she said that she thought he was a manipulator and cited the situation when he suggested that she and Chloe have a lesbian relationship for the cameras.