UKIP leader Paul Nuttall’s official website is a treasure trove of his personal thoughts – especially what he thinks about political correctness – or as we like to call it, equality.

You may remember that in 2011 two Christian hoteliers, Peter and Rosemary Bull lost their court case after refusing to allow two gay men to stay at their hotel. Well, writing on his personal blog in 2011 after the court’s ruling on the case, UKIP leader Paul Nuttall believed that the vast majority of people tutted and “rolled their eyes” as the judge affirmed that equality and fairness is the law of the land.

Mr Hall and Mr Preddy successfully sued the hotel owners for £3600 in 2011, in a landmark case which found that Mr & Mrs Bull had discriminated against the gay couple, on the grounds of sexual orientation under the Equalities Act.

Although his entire site is now offline, for “scheduled maintenance”, luckily for us, Google has a cache of it and it reveals what Paul thought about the situation.

Writing in his blog on the site, he seemingly questioned the court’s decision by saying,

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“What a complete joke.

“Aren’t people allowed to live by their religious beliefs in the country anymore? It seems not, especially if those beliefs clash with ‘modern’ views, which the PC ‘luvies’ constantly tell us, represents ‘progress.'”

He then asked whether the decision was really progress and asked in whose eye was it progress.

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