Perez confides to Katie Price about his friendships with celebrities and confesses that he no longer sees them as friends.

CREDIT: Channel 5
CREDIT: Channel 5

In one of Perez‘s quieter moments in the house, Katie Price asks the celebrity blogger and father of one, if any of his best friends are celebrities. Perez says no and explains: ‘I’ve stopped viewing celebrities as friends.’ He explains it’s better to view the as acquaintances and Nadia agrees saying that he needs to keep ‘professional distance’. He adds that his friendship with Lady Gaga ‘didn’t work out’,

Two years ago the pair fell out over a photo that Perez had posted of Gaga in a wheelchair with a photoshopped Madonna pointing at gun at her head. The fallout resulted in death threats from Lady Gaga’s fans, also known as Little Monsters. Some of her fan base even threaten his young son. Lady Gaga accused the blogger of stalking her after seeing him at the singer’s apartment in New York.

He goes on to say, that he is still friends but no longer close to Katy Perry and says that during her divorce from Russell Brand he didn’t call her and ‘ask for the real scoop’ as that would have made him ‘feel gross’.

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