Perez Hilton Calls For Calm Amidst Instagram Notificationgate

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton is, for once the voice of reason as people lose their shiz about Instagram changing its system.

CREDIT : © Jean_Nelson
CREDIT : © Jean_Nelson

You may have read that Instagram is changing its algorithm bringing it in line with it’s parent company, Facebook. The algorithm will change the current chronological view that we’re all used to, to a system which shows users posts it thinks they want to see.

The system wide change brings it in line with its parent company Facebook.

The update however has been met with considerable opposition from its user base,with a petition asking Instagram to keep its old chronological viewing option reaching nearly 300,000 users.

Perez Hilton has taken a different tack that many celebs on the platform asking his fans NOT to turn on notifications for him.

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He said in a statement,

DO NOT turn on post notifications for me! Seriously. I log on to Instagram this morning and see all these – and more – on my feed. I actually think this can have the opposite desired effect for people. I know that I post too much and it will get hella annoying for you all to get a new notification every single time I upload a photo. And vice versa! Deep breaths everyone. Everything will work itself out – or it won’t. And if you’re really unhappy, just start using Snapchat more. I’m@ThePerezHilton on there too! xoxo

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