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Perez Hilton insists the son of the Sultan of Brunei is not endangered after outting him

Perez Hilton has insisted that he has not endangered the life of a Brunei prince who he outted last week.

Perez Hilton has hit out at critics who say that he has endangered the life of one of the Sultan of Brunei’s sons, Prince Azim, whom he outted as gay last week. The 36-year-old Prince is fourth in line to the throne in the Kingdom of Brunei.

Speaking in a video, Perez Hilton explained his reasoning behind the decision to out the Prince saying, “Do you know the law? I have read the law. Before attacking me, read what the new law says”,


He added that it is not illegal to be gay in Brunei, but illegal to have gay sex.

Perez then went on to say that the Sultan’s son, would not be murdered just because he was gay.


He also pointed out that the burden of proof was “heavy”, saying that “in order for you to be stoned to death, you have to be convicted and in order for you to be convicted there needed to be four witnesses that saw this gay act”.

He went on to add that he thought that the likelihood of anyone, especially Prince Azim, being stoned to death in Brunei was “zero”.

Brunei has now adopted a law which allows for the death penalty, death by stoning, to be used on men who are found having same-sex sexual relations with each other.

Many people have criticised the fact that Perez outted Prince Azim, but Perez said, “I know the Prince of Brunei, his Dad probably knows that he’s gay, in fact, I’m going to go a step above and say that his Dad knows that he is gay. That’s why I felt the extra need just to out him because knowing your son is gay and still enacting this law, which is symbolic – it sucks”.

Prince Azim has never publicly acknowledged his sexuality.

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