PEREZ In CBB Walk Out Drama

Earlier today, Big Brother asked Perez to stage a fake walkout of the Big Brother house. Perez will be living in secret while the other Housemates are blissfully unaware of his ongoing influence on the events within the House.

Things are going to be hotting up as Katie Hopkins seemingly gets her way, but all is not as it seems as Perez, fakes a walk-out from the Channel 5 reality show. However Perez will be running the show, without the remaining celebrities knowing anything about it.

With tempers running high, Perez’s walk out, will seem in context with the rest of show this season, as Alexander O’Neal walked out of the house – and Ken Morley and Jeremy Jackson were made to leave after their behaviour broke Big Brother’s rules.

The walkout happens after today’s luxury shopping task. The Housemates were gathered on the sofas, where it was revealed that Big Brother had been hacked. A series of previous conversations and Diary Room chats are then played out to the group, which caused a mixed reaction. Big Brother then tells the Housemates that he has detected some corrupted audio files and they must help to identify who said each, in order to win a luxury shopping budget.


When a corrupt audio file is played into the House, the Housemate responsible must own up and explain the reason behind their comments. Perez is first to stand up and explain why he said that he thought Calum would be evicted over Alicia. When Perez suggests that the “showmance” between Cami-Li and Calum won’t happen because Calum has a girlfriend, Calum is visibly shocked before saying “it’s all good. All I can bring to the show is a fu*king showmance” Katie Hopkins jokes, “Calum’s translation of ‘it’s all good’ means, ‘I’m going to fuc*ing kill him!’”

So will all be much happier in the house?

Celebrity Big Brother TX tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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