Dramz dramz and more dramz as Perez hits out at Big Brother.

Perez tells Patsy that he wants to leave the House, adding “it will take a miracle” to keep him in. He says that he’s not in the House for the money and admits, “I did it for the opportunity to let people know who I really am”

Later in the diary room, Perez hides from Big Brother and refusing to give an exit interview unless Big Brother pays him more money. Talking tabout how he is feeling, he maintains that “If I said anything about people in this House, I said it to their faces, and the only person in this House that has kept me sane and given me the time of day is Nadia and you tried to fu*k that up”

Big Brother asks if it would be a shame if he left the House and Perez admits, “I’m just trying to be rational about things now…I’ve been in here too long already. Everything is telling me that I should quit, but then I’m like afraid to quit. I don’t fu*king know!” Big Brother then tells Perez that he wants to set him “the ultimate secret mission”, and Perez will have one hour to return to the House and convince the other Housemates that he is leaving. He will then go to a secret room, where he will observe the Housemate’s every move as Big Brother’s secret puppet master. When asked if he’s up to the challenge, Perez responds, “I’m still fu*king here, so yes…. I don’t have a fu*king choice…I am fu*king still in the fu*king Perez show!”

Perez re-joins the other Housemates to collect his suitcases, before heading straight to the bedroom, where Katie Hopkins is brushing her hair. When she sees Perez, she sniggers to herself. Nadia remarks, “He’s so upset. To have gone through all of this for no pay cheque at all.” In the bedroom, Katie Hopkins asks Perez if he would prefer her to leave the room, to which he responds a resounding yes. In the living Room, Michelle comments, “I don’t know why anyone is surprised; this needs to happen.” When Katie Hopkins joins the group, Calum says, “She’s so smug”, adding “The days don’t get easier! Fu*king hell. I’m thinking to myself, final countdown and there’s more drama”

In the bedroom, Patsy tells Perez that she’s sorry he feels he has to leave. Perez replies that he’s “so confident in enough in myself that me leaving doesn’t mean that fu*king Katie Hopkins wins.” He adds, “I can handle her, it’s this fu*kin g bullsh*t that I can’t fu*king deal with”

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Most of the Housemates are in the living area, silently reflecting on Perez. Katie Hopkins remarks, “To be fair, it was just a Tweet”. Perez then walks into the garden, where he breaks the fire exit and leaves the Big Brother House. Calum says, “That’s a pretty big move” and Michelle speculates, “He’ll flip his lid with them out there”

Unbeknown to the other Housemates, Perez will be living in a secret room, watching their every move as Big Brother’s puppet master. Perez takes a picture of himself off the wall and remarks, “The Perez show is back”, before settling down to watch the other Housemates on a monitor.

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Celebrity Big Brother TX tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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