"The calendar is queer/body positive rather than sexual"

Big tech’s battle against gay/bi male bodies and sexuality continues, as the world’s largest video platform, YouTube, deletes meat Magazine’s entire channel.

Meat’s channel, the platform said, had violated their rules on nudity, except it is impossible to see whether the guys who appear in the video are naked or not – as they all appear waist up, without their tops on.


This isn’t the first time the publication has been targetted by big tech companies, like the Facebook owned Instagram, having had its Instagram pages shut down and pictures removed.

The video that allegedly broke YouTube’s nudity rules was a promo video for the latest issue of meat‘s 2021 calendar, which featured 12 men, who only appeared topless in the video.

Taking to Twitter the magazine wrote, “It appears that we have once again fallen foul of the Social Media Nazis. @youtube have suspended the meat account for posting this video. WTAF???!!!!!”


In a statement to THEGAYUK.com Adrian, the magazine’s owner and photographer said, “I appealed stating that there wasn’t nudity in the video and that the calendar is queer/body positive rather than sexual and they responded to say that I’d contravened their policy on nudity and my account wouldn’t be reinstated.”

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You can order your copy by visiting the meatzine website here.

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