Poster Dads for gay parents have split

Two fathers who became the poster men for gay parents have reportedly split.

Two fathers, Kordale and Kaleb who became famous when a picture of them doing their daughters’ hair on Instagram went viral and were subsequently booked by Nikon for an advertising campaign have split, with one of the fathers, Caleb, announcing the split on Instagram. The posts have since been removed.

In the post he wrote:

“You should never have to question your worth or [compromise] your morals when you’re with your soulmate; it doesn’t work out that way … I am happy to be “Caleb” again.

“I still love him,

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“But I love myself more.”

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Nikon, who engaged the couple in an advertising campaign earlier in the year, released a statement to Page Six which said they were aware of the news and wished Kordale, Caleb and their entire family well.

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