Powerhouse vocalist Angie Brown brought the house, well the field down, at yesterday’s Pride event in Warwickshire.

The Pride which is in its third year, saw thousands of people coming together to celebrate LGBT diversity in Leamington Spa, with the message of “Drop The Label”. The headliner Angie Brown took to the stage to sing hit songs to a cheering crowd, including Why Waste Your Time. At one point jumping off the stage and joining the dancing spectators on the grass.


One pride goer, James Newington, said: “She was just incredible. Love her, she’s such a gay icon.”

Thousands of people turned up to the Pump Room Gardens in Warwickshire in the sunshine and enjoyed over 7 hours of entertainment.

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The Pride’s organiser, Dan Browne praised the volunteers and team who helped to put on the event and promiser of a big and better pride in 2016.

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