To help us through the dark days the Red Dwarf team decided we could do with another dose of a trailer to lift our spirits.

And what a trailer it is!! We are treated to Lister reacting to the news that many decades later the cat race is still dying for their belief in him. The man who never wanted to be a God explains he isn’t one and all the Dwarfers agree.


The next snippet tells us that circumstances change. Soon the Dwarfers become part of the war and Lister might have to “act like a God” after all, even though he “scarcely mastered human”, according to Rimmer.

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Rimmer’s arc is intriguing: we see him going through a lot of his old wardrobe, presumably before settling on that interesting new getup we showed you earlier this week. Then we see Lister throw what looks like his lightbee into the corridor. With Rimer saying what seems like his goodbyes to Lister in trailer one, we wonder: could Rimmer be sacrificing himself for him?
We will find out on Dave Channel, April 9.

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