Theresa May who has seemed to have reformed her views on LGBT issues over her time as an MP has launched her bid for PM.

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Theresa May has thrown her hat into the ring for Prime Minister after Cameron’s resignation triggered a leadership battle for the top spot in British politics.


From a gay rights’ point of  view May has had a mixed voting past on gay issues having voted against equality until 2004 when she bucked her voting trend by voting in Civil Partnership.

THEGAYUK’s editor Jake Hook remarked,

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“Theresa May’s history on LGBT issues hasn’t always been plain sailing. Up until 2004 May’s support for the gay community was non-existent having voting ‘no’ on many key issues including Age of Consent and ‘no’ on voting to allowing gay people to adopt.

“However since 2004 it appears May has been reformed and evolved on LGBT rights.”

If she is successful in her bid to become the next leader May will be the second female Prime Minister and the second woman to lead the Conservatives after Margaret Thatcher.

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