CREDIT: Frankie Cocozza/ youTube

It’s incredible what five years can do, but Frankie Cocozza is barely recognisable.

CREDIT: Frankie Cocozza / Instagram

CREDIT: Frankie Cocozza/ youTube

Known for his cheeky chappie behaviour Frankie Cocozza, 23, won a legion of fans during his appearance on the X Factor five years ago and then went on to appear in Celebrity Big Brother, but he’s had a bit of an image change and now is hardly recognisable.

You might remember Frankie as the guy who flashed the judges his bum tattoos during his audition, but it was his alleged drug habit which catapulted him into the tabloid press.


The reality star recently reflected on his past behaviour and the drug scandal following his appearance on TV and hit out a X Factor bosses who promised him that news about his reported drug use wouldn’t be released to the press.

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning Cocozza said,

“The whole cocaine thing, there was no proof or anything. I don’t know why they decided to release that. They said they wouldn’t, in the last meeting we had when they said ‘Look we’ve heard that you have done it and stuff’, and all it was, was me admitting it, there was no proof. I said there was no proof and asked if it was going to come out and they said no. And then on the way home it was just all over the papers and that.”