Figures released by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), the UK’s biggest police force, show that reports of crimes that are perceived as homophobic, either ‘by the victim or any other person’ are down 12.7% in the last 12 months.

In total 1,103 homophobic crimes were reported to the MPS in the 12 months up to March 2013, whilst the year before 1,264 crimes were reported.

Of the 32 boroughs policed by the MPS, 12 reported an increase in reported homophobic crimes, with Enfield observing the biggest increase in reports. Nineteen boroughs had lower reportages and Ealing had exactly the same number of reports as the previous year.


An Enfield Council Spokesperson said:

“Enfield Council works closely with the police and the local community to deal with hate crime against the LGBT community and works tirelessly to create an environment where people affected by homophobic hate crime feel confident enough to report what has happened to them in a supportive environment.

“While the number of homophobic crimes reported in Enfield this year remains extremely low, thanks to our extensive work with the police in this area, we have seen a significant increase in confidence amongst the LGBT community and consequently the number of reports of homophobic hate crime have increased.

“Enfield Safer and Stronger Communities Board have a number of initiatives in place to engage with and support the LGBT community including our hate crime strategy, Enfield Council also funds the LGBT Network to help provide support for the community work it does and we have run a number of successful initiatives to improve tolerance and community cohesion amongst all our communities.”

Overall crime is down in London by 6% and the MPS Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said: “Crime is down by 6%. This includes some excellent performance across London, with serious youth violence down by 28%, gun crime down 20%. Robberies are down by over 10% and 1000 gang members are in prison or under judicial restriction.

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“These are very significant numbers that have been achieved against a backdrop of substantial operational challenges to the Metropolitan Police such as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the London Olympics and Paralympic Games. All of this has been done whilst also saving money.

“I hope the people of London will be proud of the Met’s achievements.”

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