After an “abnormally” high turn out, the votes are being counted for the historic same-sex marriage referendum vote in Ireland.

Hundreds of thousands of votes have been cast and with no exit poll it’s difficult to guess what the outcome will be, but pundits are quietly confident that the result is likely to be a Yes, meaning that same-sex couples will be afforded the rights to marry in Ireland.

The same-sex marriage referendum has become worldwide news as countries around the world wait to see the outcome of what will be the first ever-public vote on gay rights. This will be the first time where the rights of a minority group, such as LGBTs has been voted by the public at large.


Pundits have also commented about the sway of votes suggesting that cities are swaying towards a yes, whilst more rural towns and countryside villages are swaying towards a No.

However, one town, Trim in co Meath, which has just over 6000 inhabitants said that it would vote Yes.

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The results are expected to be announced at 4PM.

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