The LipSinkers are an infamous troupe of alternative drag performers who create highly innovative, outrageous and critically acclaimed cabaret shows.

After having made appearances at the Edinburgh Fringe festival and resident stints at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, the strong collective combine costume, dance, satire, prosecco, over lashed eyes, faces beat to death and exceedingly high heels. They take you on a hilarious offbeat romp through popular music in all its glorious guises. The team lip-synch to a jukebox of pop-tastic tunes, prance around looking fabulous and drive audiences wild.

What is it that makes the LipSinkers so appealing I hear you ask? It’s a hard thing to describe; perhaps it’s their insatiable desire to produce high-octane queer exuberance that brightens this often dismal world. Nonetheless, it is a hilariously entertaining alternative show full of performers that lip-synch to imaginatively selected songs with precision that will bring fear to the queens of Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

The mentality is undeniably left-field: the looks are brilliantly bonkers, a kind of club-kid couture encompassing plastic Macs, lacy bodies and vintage mumus; think of Jiggly Caliente in that infamous outfit strutting down the runway. The routines are tightly choreographed, despite often giving the impression of abstract absurdum. The acts are definitely sexy and at times disgustingly sexual. However it is the chemistry between the charismatic performers that is delicious to view. Even with extra special additions, including implicit politics and the obvious sheer enjoyment at work.

The LipSinkers have natural ferocity coupled with endearing charm. Like a heavily medicated and intoxicated Pan’s People they have an exciting feel to them that will warm the blood of any ardent cabaret-goer. Disregard any ill-conceived preconceptions you may have had about lip-syncing before and prepare to hold on tight because this group of gender benders doesn’t just offer up a bog standard show, this is a visually stimulating experience, culminating in one hell of a party.


This is definitely a 5 out of 5 show and a performance that you have to see. It’s a free show so there are no excuses not to partake in this evening of farcicality, so worry about work on Monday and try to squeeze as much as from the weekend as you can.


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