You can be forgiven for not having heard of Bill McKechnie. Affectionately known as Wild Bill, the former Britain’s Got Talent contestant has been working away on new music and supporting LGBT organisations over the past few years. Earlier this year saw the release of Bill’s new track ‘Fluffy Snow’, which he is aiming to get into the charts by Christmas. With all of Bill’s work supporting charities, including a number of LGBT causes, I caught up with him to find out more.

Bill, lovely to speak to you. You’ve released a Christmas song, called Fluffy Snow, which you’re trying to get into the charts in time for the festive period. It’s an incredibly catchy song. How did the idea for Fluffy Snow come about?
I was going through the rhythms on my keyboard and came across a Christmas Swing which I loved straight away. So I decided to try my hand at a Christmas composition. It took me just over thirty minutes to come up with the tune and as daft as it may sound the words were already there in my head. They were a little bit muddled up to start with but they soon began to flow naturally.

You’ve been getting a lot of airplay from radio stations around the country. What’s the reaction to the song been like?
I have been overwhelmed by the support from people all over the world, especially the support of Santa Claus, who has said it is going to be a hit. I have many friends who constantly share my Fluffy Snow posts on Facebook and Twitter.

You do a lot for charity and in particular you have been a big supporter of gay pride events in recent years. It’s refreshing to see, as you’re a straight man. What is it about LGBT causes that makes you want to support them?
Straight??? After two failed marriages I like to keep my options open. From a young age until my 40s I was extremely homophobic. I didn’t think it was right that two men should be together, but with age I started to see things from a different perspective. I have met a lot of gay men and lesbians over the last fifteen years and some have become my friends. It was an honour for me to be part of recent Pride festivals. I guess at the same time it was a release to finally allow myself to be me and stop worrying what other people think. I get a lot of pleasure from raising money for community groups and charities. I was blessed with many talents and I aim to use those gifts to help others less fortunate than myself.

You’re a former Britain’s Got Talent contestant. What was it like being part of such a huge show?
Being on Britain’s Got Talent was a truly awesome experience. I applied for the show with one purpose in mind and that was to get on national television to reach out to disabled viewers and show them how they could dance using their hands. Everyone joined in and learnt the hand dance routine to Saturday Night Fever, even Simon Cowell.

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What’s 2015 got in store?
I have self-published an eBook that is available on Amazon Kindle. It’s called First Aid and Health & Safety in Rhyme. I’m aiming to get it accepted by a publisher as I have had great feedback from health organisations and first aid providers.

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You can find out more about Wild Bill and the work he does to support charities, including LGBT causes, at You can get your copy of Fluffy Snow on Amazon.

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