Following numerous requests for information on the BIGGEST Christmas question, we speak exclusively with National Treasure Michael Fish MBE for a (ahem) ‘guaranteed’ prediction on if it’ll snow this December 25th?

It’s an age-old question that us forecasters have battled with for many a year. Will it or won’t it snow on Christmas Day? Of course if I knew the answer to this then I’d be a very rich man by now. If we’re to believe the newspapers each year, then yes ‘Snowmaggeddon’ is coming and we should all bulk buy our port and Stilton now and get ready for hibernation. Sadly it’s very hard to even try to predict until about five days before the event…

However, never being shy of a challenge, I’ve monitored the instruments in the garden and had the Met Office charts sent over to study and I think I can quite categorically say…


Don’t worry. A Christmas snowstorm is NOT on the way… [wink].

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