Rose McGowan gives advice for those who are being bullied

Rose McGowan has revealed an incredible tip to tackle bullying.

The actor, Rose McGowan, has shared with one incredible and powerful tip for people facing harassment, bullying or being victimised, saying it is important to “act brave” in the face of adversity.

The Charmed actor said in an exclusive interview with Vic Gerami, “Act as if you are brave and you will become brave”.

McGowan continued, “It doesn’t mean you won’t be scared, it just means you do it anyway”.

The actor has recently released a book called Brave, in which she talks about how she was treated and her harassment and blacklisting in Hollywood.

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Rose McGowan was one of the first actors to bring sexual abuse accusations against Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein.

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The 12th of November is the start of anti-bullying week in and we’ve come up with 14 ways to combat bullying, which can take place at school, in your workplace or in public. It can happen to young and older people, male, female or transgender.

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