The actor has famously shed her former glossy brunette locks, but why?

The actor has famously shed her former glossy brunette locks, but why?

why did Rose McGowan shave her head?

Rose McGowan answers the question of shaving her head in her autobiography, Brave. The Scream actor, who shaved her hair in November 2015, says she shaved off her hair because she no longer wanted to look like a “fantasy f**k toy”.

She wrote in the book, “The ideal version of a woman that is sold to you by every actress in every hair commercial telling you, ‘this the secret to being beguiling, the secret to getting a man to want you.’ Long, glossy Kardashian-esque hair that says, “f*** me, big boy,

“‘As if that’s all we are and all we can be. Hair.”

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Rose McGowan when she dyed her hair blonde.

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In November 2015 McGowan shaved off her trademark brunette locks after feeling that it put a “sex target” on her back.

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McGowan’s long hair and the way in which she was styled at the beginning of her career made her feel like a “blow-up sex doll”

“Sex Target”

McGowan also wrote that her long hair “always made her uncomfortable” and that she was wearing, “a plant on my head and a sex target on my back”.

She continues, “I thought I looked more like a blow-up sex doll, the kind with the hole for the mouth. And it didn’t feel good”.

McGowan also revealed that she thinks that Hollywood has unspoken rules about women’s hair.

She revealed, “if you’re a Jennifer Lawrence America’s sweetheart type, you have simple blonde hair, if you’re the vixen, it is long, dark and big. Those are the rules, do not deviate.”

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