It’s probably not the most surprising thing to learn, but the Russian Embassy in London turned down these fabulous dolls.

The dolls which have been signed by Stephen Fry, Graham Norton and Sir Elton John were offered to the Russian Embassy by Alistair Stewart and Chris Price of the Kaleidoscope Trust.


Alistair remarked: ‘The British coppers were very friendly and helped us find our way to the second gate. Sadly the Russian official at the gate refused to accept the gift, or let us take it inside. We showed him the dolls but he wasn’t keen. The gay community in Russia is currently facing the most punitive treatment at the hands of the authorities. This was our way to show our pride and stand shoulder to shoulder with the LGBT community in Russia.’

Undeterred, Stewart and Price have decided to deliver the dolls via recorded delivery for Mr Putin’s express attention.


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One of the sets has already gone on eBay, the remaining dolls are being auctioned online at between until 22nd of December to raise money for The Kaleidoscope Trust and their work with the Russian gay community.

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