Ah celebrity feuds – usually they’re dull, but when Boy George chooses his victim – he doesn’t do it by halves.

Boy George, who is currently pushing his new album This Is What I Do and tour, has rebooted a Twitter feud between himself and the One Direction camp.

He made the comments during One Direction’s appearance on X Factor over the weekend (15th December 2013)

“Liam looked quite….messy!!” the 52-year-old tweeted, then added: ‘Harry looked like a young Keith Richards!’

Later Liam Payne responded by asking ‘Who Is boy George?’

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Boy George couldn’t leave it there, by taking a swipe at Directioners (which is never a good idea) by adding:
‘Directioner’s are mostly the dullest creatures on earth! Add salt!’

To which about a billion Directioners began a Twitter assault on the Culture Club singer. (that’s a lie, there aren’t a billion Directioners… only 999,999,999 of them.)

Earlier in the year Boy George had suggested that at the odds were at least one of One Direction had to be gay.