Conchita Wurst’s win at the 2014 Eurovision has achieved more than just a thumbs up for the LGBT+ community across Europe, it has also encouraged some Russian men to shave off their beards… in protest.

Conchita’s victory has spurred on some men across Russia to shave off their beards in a backlash against the drag queen’s victory. Conchita’s song Rise Like A Phoenix amassed an impressive 290 points in the 59th Eurovision Competition.

Wurst, real name Tom Neuwirth, has been the subject of much hate mongering from a few people Russia, Armenia and Belarus. One top Russian politician even called the contest a ‘sodom show’.


Since the DQ’s win some Russian men have taken to social media to show their distain of the victory – by shaving off their beards in protest and using a hashtag.

Huffington Post show 3 examples of these men – some using the hashtag Prove You’re Not Conchita.

Valentin’s video from Instagram has also apparently been shown on Italian News.

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Rise Like A Phoenix is currently at Number 1 in the Russian iTunes’ chart despite the adverse reactions.

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