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Rylan hints that Celebrity Big Brother could go on for another two years

This year’s BB was thought to be the last…

Big Brother is 18-years-old. Hard to believe but this year marks the 18th series of Big Brother and the 22nd of Celebrity Big Brother. It was widely reported that this season of the British version would be the last, on Channel 5 at least, but Rylan, who currently hosts Bit On The Side has hinted that it could go on for at least another two years.


The show has been on Channel 5 since 2011, when it moved from Channel 4, the show’s original home.

In a Q&A, speaking about how great BB is he said, “It’s amazing, and it’s amazing to be a part of TV history like that….LET’S MAKE IT 20!”


He recently took a break from hosting, but he said, “I’m over the moon after our extended break to be back where I belong. Looking after my baby. Not a series goes by that I don’t get excited about a new launch”.


Well indeed. Are you a fan, would you like to see another two series?



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