Saara Aalto

Saara Aalto has made history by becoming the first openly gay woman to reach the finals of the X Factor.

Saara Aalto
©Thames / Syco

Saara Aalto‘s journey to the finals is history making, after she became the first LGBT woman to reach the finals of ITV’s X Factor. She missed out on the top spot after Matt Terry won the competition outright. Saara Aalto had been the firm favourite to win the competition with one excited fan putting a £30,000 bet on the Finnish singer to win this year’s competition.

The powerhouse vocalist revealed that she was engaged to be married to her girlfriend, Meri, during the series. The pair have been partners for a number of years and are considered one of the only openly gay celebrity couples in their native Finland.

To date the only other runner-up to out at the time of the show is Marcus Collins. No one, who was openly gay at the time of the competition, has won the X Factor. Joe McElderry who won series 6 came out after he won the show.

It has been reported the Saara Aalto actually wanted to come second in the competition. According to the Sun, the 29-year-old revealed that, “‘Coming second would be better than the number one spot, as it would mean having the freedom that the winner does not”.

Saara has ready released a number of albums in Finland, including this Christmas one.