Saara Aalto

Saara Alto has defied all expectations to become the favourite to win this year’s X Factor.

Saara Aalto
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The Finnish singer who recently revealed that she was engaged to her girlfriend has exceeded all expectations to become the favourite to win this year’s X Factor.

The singer who had a rocky start in her time with the juggernaut show said that she feared an anti-gay backlash and felt forced to live a lie after getting engaged to her girlfriend in the summer. She revealed that she and her girlfriend, Meri were the first gay female couple to come out in Finland.


She said that she used to take selfies, but cut out Meri of the picture because she was afraid of the public’s reaction. She said,

“It was so stupid. I was taking selfies and always pretending I was by myself when of course I had my girlfriend next to me.

“It was my 28th birthday when I decided, ‘I’ve had enough’. I’d been hiding it for a year and couldn’t do it anymore.”

She finally came out by posting a post on Facebook, in an interview she said that she was so nervous that she actually got her girlfriend to press the “Post” button.

“I decided I was old enough to do something about it and come out. I was so scared. I couldn’t press the button to publish the post on Facebook. I got my fiancée to do it. We were so nervous. But it was good.”



Joe Crilly from Bookmaker William Hill said, ”

Saara has come from nowhere to head the betting at this late stage but the way this year’s show has gone, anything could happen this week”.

Odds for Saara to win the X Factor are 8/13, whilst Matt Terry is 2/1 and Five After Midnight are lagging behind at 11/2.




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