The breakout star of Strictly Come Dancing, Judge Rinder has been eliminated from BBC dance show.

Is judge rinder gay?

The openly gay TV star has become the 11th celebrity to be eliminated from the Strictly Come Dancing show, after receiving the lowest scores from the judging panel this weekend. The judge faced a dance-off with Ore and Joanne, but in the end, his performance wasn’t enough to impress the judges who voted to boot the judge from the show.

Speaking about his time on the show, which has regularly topped the ratings war between ITV and the BBC, the daytime TV judge revealed it was a “joy” to be involved with the show.

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He said,

“I know how difficult it is sometimes to be a judge and you do it with authenticity and enthusiasm and thank you all for your comments

“And my last thank you and my most important one, this truly extraordinary person, this teacher who has shown me from somebody who could barely walk to music with no dance experience at all to find a passion and a love for dance and that’s the best kind of teaching.

“You are never too old to try something new and everyone should try dancing, thank you so much.”

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