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Sam Ryder shot to fame and won the hearts of millions when he entered (and almost won) the gayest competition on the planet – Eurovision…

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So what do we know about the singer Sam Ryder and his love life.

Is Sam Ryder Gay?

Obviously in this day and age, Sam’s sexuality shouldn’t and doesn’t really matter, but sometimes a boy just wants to know if his favourite singer bats for the same team – representation matters you know!

Well, Sam isn’t gay or bi that we know of.

Apparently he’s got a long term girl, called  Lois Gaskin-Barber. Interestingly the used to own a juice bar cafe together. From 2017 to 2019, they operated the Lone Wolves Organic juice bar in Coggeshall in Essex. Lois now sells her own jewellery on her Instagram page Lone Wolves Creative.

So how old is Sam Ryder?

The Eurovision star was born on December 15, 1989, so his current age is 33 Years – and in case you were wondering Sam stands 5ft 10inches tall, which is 1.78m.

Is Sam signed to a label?

Yes, thanks to his legion of over 13million fans on TikTok – he caught the attention of mega label Parlophone (the original home to The Beatles) and inked a deal with them in 2021. His debut single, Space Man! reached number two in the UK charts after his performance on Eurovision. He is due to release a full album at the end of 2022, in October, just in time for that all lucrative Christmas market.

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His second single, “Somebody”, scheduled for release on 19 August.

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