Sam Smith Wins In The Tweet Stakes Becoming Most Talked About Artist

Openly gay artist Sam Smith stole the show at the Grammy’s but not just in terms of screen time, it was what was happening on our little screens that was most impressive.

Sam Smith was the only artist (apart from stage storming Kayne) to reach over three quarters of a million tweets surrounding him when we won his awards at the Grammys.

Kanye West’s stage storm generated 948,181 Tweets during the event. Sam Smith however managed to achieve 754,641 Tweets around him during the nearly 4-hour broadcast. Meanwhile Rihanna had 446,013 during the broadcast. Aside from the FourFiveSeconds collaboration, there were 35,974 Tweets discussing her dress and other 18,946 making Chris Brown jokes. Ed Sheeran had 352,449 Tweets around his performance, Beyonce had 342,558 Tweets around her, Pharrell singing Happy yet again generated 294,894 Tweets, Madonna’s appearance generated 280,800 Tweets, Katy Perry generated 186,894 Tweets around her, and Sia thanks to an assist from Kristen Wiig in her performance generated 147,267 Tweets during the broadcast.

Thanks to all of my ❤️#rebelhearts who made the Grammy's possible! ❤️#livingforlove

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Madonna has also been confirmed to perform at The Brits later this month at the 02.

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Last year Sam Smith became the only artist in 2014 to sell over 1 million records in both the US and the UK. Speaking at an interview for Rolling Stone earlier this month, Sam Smith opened up about how he deals with homophobia. His advice clear and simple: Just ignore it.

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