Scott Mills is one of Radio 1’s most loved DJs, having been at the station for over a decade.

Whether relating a particularly embarrassing encounter with one of the many celebrities his job requires him to meet, trying not to spit water all over the mic during a game of ‘innuendo bingo’, or finding out a weird fact about yet another of his listeners, he’s a daily companion to over 6 million listeners, 600,000 of whom also follow his every word on twitter.


His life has by no means been an easy ride – aside from the sometimes humiliating (but often funny) jobs he had to do while learning the ropes as a local radio DJ, he’s suffered from crippling anxiety attacks, alcohol and weight issues and a great deal more over the years. But despite the profile he now has, he remains an ordinary bloke at heart who still can’t quite believe how he got to where he is now.

Love You Bye will provide his legions of fans with a look at the man behind the voice they know so well.

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Scott Mills is the host of Radio 1’s afternoon show broadcasting across the UK every afternoon between 1-4pm. He has been a DJ at the station for over 14 years and in 2010 he won the Sony Gold Music Radio Personality of the Year Award. He can also be seen on BBC television hosting the National Lottery and the Eurovision song contest, and presenting documentaries on subjects as diverse as homosexuality in Uganda (BBC 3 ‘World’s Worst Place to be Gay) and the weird and wonderful world of David Hasselhoff (Living TV ‘When Scott Came to Stay).

When Scott is not on air or screen he can be found DJ’ing regularly at Universities, n ightclubs and hosting various corporate events up and down the Country. He is a keen runner and regularly fundraises for MS Society which is a charity close to his heart.