Seann Miley Moore Gets Verified

29th October 2015 0 By News Desk

X Factor favourite Seann Miley Moore has been verified on Twitter. You know you’ve made it when Twitter recognises you.

Seann Miley Moore has become a fully fledged celeb after Twitter verified his official account. Despite a fairly modest following, 15.9K at the time of writing this he’s already garnered a concrete fanbase who are enjoying his unique look.

Moore recently announced that he wanted to get all theĀ boys in his category in heels by the end of the series.
Speaking in a recent interview Moore said that audiences who soon see even more of what he had to offer in terms of his style. He said,

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Winning the show is the reason why I flew half way across the world. The live shows are the next level. This is where I would get my dancers, fog, tight leather outfits. This is where it gets real.”