Bake Off: Tamal Ray Talks About Coming To Terms With Being Gay

Great British Bake Off heartthrob Tamal Ray has blogged about coming to terms with who he is and how it made sense to people once they found out he was gay.

Tamal Ray, one of the finalists for this year’s GBBO came out in an interview with the Radio Times days before the final. He has blogged about coming to terms with who he is over a Huffpost on their Building Mordern Men campaign.

“Once people knew that I was gay, I started to make a bit more sense in their eyes; suddenly it didn’t seem so strange that I was allergic to sports and that my shelves were filled with books about cake decorating. It wasn’t that I was keen to get stereotyped.

“But for someone who had never felt overly masculine, the assumptions people made were kind of liberating: I no longer felt a pressure to conform to some “red-blooded male identity – I could be my own cake and cartoon loving man.
“Things changed once I got to uni. I started to become comfortable with who I was and being gay.
“Like a lot of people coming out, I worried about the reaction I might get, especially from my straight male friends.

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