Service helping people living with HIV get back into work relaunched

The Terrence Higgins Trust has relaunched its Work Positive campaign which aims to help people living with HIV back into work.

CREDIT: ©-monkeybusiness-Depositphotos
CREDIT: ©-monkeybusiness-Depositphotos


The UK’s biggest HIV charity Terrence Higgins Trust has relaunched a service that aims to help people living with HIV in London, Essex, Brighton, Shrewsbury and Cambridge to get back to work.

According to the charity, 25 per cent of people with HIV are out of work, and the Positive programme aims to provide work experience, mentoring, peer support, employment coaching and training for people with HIV who have been unemployed for two years.


With funding from the Big Lottery Fund the service will relaunch for the sixth year. It is accepting application until 7th August

Micael, who completed Work Positive last year, said,

“I’d tried other back to work schemes before but I wasn’t getting anywhere and when I left for the day the support stopped, but with Work Positive I was made to feel like a real person, who could contribute to society.

“Ruth gave me the opportunity to get out and get work, but the programme also gave me the wider support I needed to live a happy and healthy life, like helping me eat well – and on the morning of my graduation I was offered a paid job!”

Ruth Burns, Work Positive co-ordinator at Terrence Higgins Trust, says,

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“The Work Positive Programme has gone from strength to strength over the last six years. Every year we see our participants transform into confident professionals who are a real asset to the workplace.

“We want this year’s scheme to be just as successful, and we encourage anyone with HIV who feels they need a boost onto the career ladder to apply.”