A new video has emerged showing what some straight patrons at a restaurant in Mississippi, US, do and say when a gay couple start to show affection to each other.

A gay couple were hired by ABC News in Mississippi to show public displays of affection in a restaurant and then filmed the resulting reactions from other patrons.

The short film shows the couple being told that they were sinning, they received awkward looks, some patrons said that they would physically move away and the two were laughed at when they kissed.


Just to prove that the discomfort caused by the PDAs weren’t solely because of the actors’ sexuality, ABC also tried the experiment with an opposite sex couple.

Customers reacted entirely differently and some even stuck up for the heterosexual couple, when ABC’s stooge tried to make a scene about the straight PDA.

The best bit is for last though, as two college students stand up for the couple, saying to ABC’s stooge, when she made a scene about the gay PDA,


‘There’s a reason why half the &^%$^%$ world hates America, and it’s people like you. Because you have no acceptance for anything else in the world. I’m so *&^%$ pissed right now.’

In Mississippi, same-sex sexual activity has been legal since 2003, but the state does not permit same-sex marriage, adoption by a same-sex couple, and the laws do not positively address discrimination based on gender identity or sexuality.

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In a 2001 Public Policy Polling survey found that only 13% of Mississippi voters supported the legalisation of same-sex marriage, while 78% were opposed and 9% were not sure.

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