Drag Queens of London goes global as drag troupe The Supreme Fabulettes head to European Gay Ski Week in France to perform to an expectant crowd of fans.

The real drama unfolds away from the slopes as Silver Summers loses her voice before an important performance. With her band mates and tour manager blaming Silver for partying too hard, friendships becoming strained within the group.

Meanwhile drag queen Rosie Beaver and Nick AKA Violet Sparks friendship is put under strain as they fight over the same man, but who will come out on top?

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·’It’s such a slick professional group’ – Vicki Vivacious on The Supreme Fabulettes
·’It’s like tweedle rough and tweedle rougher’ – Vicki Vivacious on Lady Lloyd and Baga Chipz from The Buffalo Girls.
·’I would rather get Gonorrhoea in ever orifice than be a member of them’ – Baga Chipz on the prospect of performing in The Supreme Fabulettes.
·’The sound that came out sounded like a dying seagull’ – Silver Summers on her vocal problems on gay ski week.
·’The idea of going up there and messing it up makes me feel sick. My heart was literally in my mouth’ – Silver Summers reflects on her performance at Gay Ski Week.

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Drag Queens of London continues tonight on London Live at 10:00PM on London Live

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