A mega fan has floated the idea of having a Lego version of Red Dwarf

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With the rather spine tingling news that Red Dwarf is returning to our screens tonight a fan has revealed his plan to get Lego to sell an official Red Dwarf ship – complete with the ship’s famous characters Dave Lister, Arnold J Rimme, The Cat, Kryten and Holly – the ship’s computer.


The design which was created by user Bob Turner features Lister and Rimmer’s iconic bunk beds (includes the posters inside), a sliding airlock door and not forgetting one of the ship’s mischievous Skutters. The design has already recieved the support of 865 people as well as re-tweets from most of show’s cast – Craig Charles (Lister), Danny John-Jules (CAT), Doug Naylor (creator), Norman Lovett (Holly) and Clare Grogan (Kochanski).


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Check out the design here and lend your support to get Red Dwarf in Lego form!  Talk about Red Dwarf on our forum

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