A gay Muslim man took to the Question and Answer site Quora to ask advice on what he should do after he was told to find an Imam to perform Ruqyaa (a form of spiritual healing) and to marry a woman… One user even suggested that he start fasting…

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So a Muslim man who identifies as gay asked the internet their advice:

“I have been suggested to find an Imam that performs Ruqyaa and to marry a woman. Some people tell me I am going to hell already(I am still virgin), others tell me it is about the act. That I have to suppress my urge, I am afraid to become sexually repressed or having mental issues. I feel so confused.”


Well, users had their fair share of thoughts from the helpful to those ideas that were less than useful. We’re not quite sure how fasting or will help. We’ve shared a few of their thoughts.

Don’t ever seek counselling or therapy.

Don’t marry a woman without telling her you are gay.

Get a visa to another more accepting country.

Ask for forgiveness from Allah for all sin.

Mix with Muslims who are clean, pious, characterful & practice good deeds.

Don’t bother about western and sex free cultures who will induce you to be on this path. This is their way, not a way a Muslim should lead to.

I would recommend you get professional help, in the real world, from a reliable and a valid dependable person, a religious man who knows Islam very well.

Stop following your sex drive. I recommend you start fasting (as it will reduce his sex drive)

Be gay or be a Muslim. There isn’t much of a middle ground unless it comes from a fake Imam.

Continue to be both gay and a Muslim. Seek out other queer Muslims.

Maybe you should think of leaving Islam.


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Do you think any of this advice is helpful? What would you suggest?

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