Apparently, Simon Cowell knows what’s he’s doing with Honey G in this year’s X Factor!

Speaking in an exclusive interview with former X Factor star Danyl Johnson spoke about how Honey G is just part of the fabric of X Factor and how acts like hers are all part of the excitement of the show.

Honey G is probably one of the most controversial stars of recent years and her name regularly trends worldwide since she started to appear on the live shows and not everyone is happy about her inclusion in the show.

Danyl told us,

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“The thing is, everyone gets really uptight about these, the enjoyable acts, but they’ve always been in the thread of X Factor. They have always been there. From Chico to Jedward, to Wagner to Honey G right now.

“They’ve always been there. The X Factor is not just about singing, it’s about having something that people are talking about. Undeniably, every single person is talking about Honey G.

Danyl who appeared in the 2009 series of the show and came fourth, knows how the juggernaut of the show works. He remarked,

“Simon understands what she is.”


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