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Another week, another gay jibe at Louis Walsh.

Simon Cowell
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It seems as though “casual homophobia” is the new thing for Saturday night TV. Last night Peter Kay, whilst on the BBC, was blasted on social media for a joke some decided was homophobic and over on ITV Simon Cowell, once again, made a comment alluding to Louis Walsh‘s sexuality and viewers are starting to notice the frequency at which it happens.

In Saturday’s (19th Nov) broadcast of the X Factor, Simon Cowell questions why Louis might like Matt Terry over Ryan Lawrie, after the 64-year-old judge told Ryan that Matt was better than him. Simon’s response, it seems, was done in such a way that many people took to Twitter to call him out on his “gay jibes”.

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A couple of weeks ago another comment by Simon prompted huge speculation over Louis’s sexuality. During the critique of Matt Terry’s performance of “I’m Your Man”, which Louis thought was “a bit karaoke”, Simon aimed his critique at Louis saying, “This is the first time Louis has said I don’t like I’m Your Man.”

This isn’t the first time Simon has made jokes with someone’s sexuality as the butt of the joke (pun intended). During a live Xtra Factor broadcast, Simon asked Rylan Clark-Neal whether he liked the backdoor.

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