Sir Elton Pleads With US Congress To Bring An End To AIDS



In an impassioned plea to the US Congress when he was recently giving testimony to a Senate Appropriations Sub-Committee on global health, Sir Elton John said, “This is the most powerful legislative body in the world. This Congress indeed has the power to end AIDS. I am asking you to use that power, to seize this window of opportunity, to change the course of history,” He added “There is a window of opportunity before us — a window through which we can very clearly see the end of AIDS — within my lifetime. We cannot afford to let that window close”.

Accompanied by his husband David Furnish, Sir Elton explained that his own Foundation that has to date raised over £231 million to help both people inflicted with the disease and research organisations committed to finding a cure. He gave credit to the Senate for their work to date. “Because the American people have the optimism, the ingenuity and the will to make a difference, the lives of millions of people halfway around the world have been saved,” he told the subcommittee: “But I’m here with a simple message: the AIDS epidemic is not over, and America’s continued leadership is critical.”

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