The world is constantly changing and we’ve learned things about Joey Essex and Sue Perkins we never thought we would, and divorce is not what it used to be.

1) Divorce Papers can now be served on Facebook, in New York (Daily Mail)

2) The Tories have clocked up the most miles to get you to vote for them. David Cameron has flown, trained, bussed and been driven over 3000 miles to the four corners of the UK. Lib Dems have travelled 1,900 miles while Labour and UKIP have clocked up 1,400 miles. (read more BBC)


3) A pol revealed that 80% of Christians don’t agree with Cameron that Gay Marriage was something to be proud of. (read more TheGayUK)

4) Joey Essex called Nigel Farage Reem. (read more Huffington Post)

5) Two guys from the US, who met on Instagram had the most romantic proposal… ever (TheGayUK)

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6) Sue Perkins, the loveable lesbian presenter is bookies favourite to take over from Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear (read more The Guardian)

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