Fresh from Edinburgh’s Fringe 2012 with his five star, critically acclaimed show Tales of the Sauna.


A look into the little known world of the gay man’s sauna – a tradition going back centuries – and for the straights a glimpse of what goes on there. Filth guaranteed.




‘He holds the stage effortlessly… His energy is formidable… Agnew is more than a gay comedian, he is a gay community comedian. He has roots, substance, and he knows where he belongs. Few can articulate that so entertainingly and with such charm.’ ★★★★★ Broadway Baby

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‘This master storyteller takes the audience with him every step of the way, gaining huge laughs and applause along the way often with as little as a turn of phrase. The jokes fit like a glove and never feel forced, and Agnew evokes some of the best comic imagery around. A wet dream come true and truly umissable.’

★★★★ Chortle


‘Natural humour streams effortlessly from Agnew as he talks on stage, wonderful story-telling abilities.’ ★★★★ The Skinny