Ray Quinn

Quick dial the fire service… Ray Quinn is on fire.

CREDIT: Ray Quinn / Instagram


The former X Factor hottie Ray Quinn has published this rather sexy picture, giving us a good view of his… Cuprinol skills – what did you think we were going to say? Dirty, dirty minded reader.

So Ray is looking pretty shredded at the moment it has to be said, but instead of muscle he was working on his tan. He captioned the picture:

“Sometimes I wish I was Italian.. Ciao ciao … doesn’t stop me from Getting my tan on.. Loving the sunshine ..”

The singer, who came runner up to Leona Lewis managed to drop two stone in weight after he ballooned in weight after appearing on the X Factor.

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The West End star swapped his favourite Chinese takeaways and cans of lager for healthy eating and regular gym visits, when he got the call to be part of Dancing On Ice. And the results are outstanding.

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Cutting out potatoes, pasta and bread for a “Caveman Diet” high in protein and fresh veg the 25-year-old star dropped 28lbs in eight weeks.


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