As you may know, I have a soft spot for the incredibly talented New York-based singer Corvyx, who has let a fanboy like me interview him several times.

Now it’s time to shine the spotlight on his partner Joey Dean, a fellow singer who has featured in a couple of his cover songs (Fall On Me & The Night We Met)

I spoke to Joey recently and he was kind enough to let me listen to his cover of ‘Everytime’ by Britney Spears before release, which I must say is fantastic. We talked of his inspirations, music style and what the future holds.


How did you get into music?

In quintessential homosexual fashion, I blame Celine Dion. I was seven. I heard her perform “My Heart Will Go On” on the Grammys. I swooned—immediately tried to replicate her power. Couldn’t belt like her—still can’t if I’m honest—but the rest is history. My grandma also sang opera, so maybe that has a bit to do with it…

What artists inspire you?

I’m inspired by any artist who witnesses this dystopian world and somehow makes sense of it through their art. Lady Gaga is at the top of my list. It’s certainly those artistic minds who inspire me the most—Marilyn Manson, Davie Bowie, and Prince to name a few more. Vocally, I am a sucker for Steve Perry; he’s my favourite male vocalist. And I can’t help feeling a bit of an aesthetic influence from George Michael and Elvis. 

Why is ‘Everytime’ your favourite Britney song? 

Let’s face it: Britney has JAMS. ‘Everytime’ is a bit separate from the typical Brit hits we love. The song captures the delicate balance of love and loss. For me, this song portrays the story of an unrequited love, but also, and maybe more visceral to these times, the story of love for an unrequited world.

What do you think of the Free Britney movement? 

I think fame of any capacity at such a young age has potential to traumatize the underdeveloped mind. The world has been unapologetically cruel to Britney in her time in the spotlight, as is the case for many young celebrities. We need to remember that celebrities are human—not separate from us, but equal to. If people want to start a movement to investigate the potentially damaging past and present of Ms. Brit’s life, then I say more power to them! Though, only if people choose to do so out of care and love and not just for entertainment.

If there was any artist you could duet with, living or dead who would it be? 

Miley Cyrus! I’ve been a fan since she was living the best of both worlds (#HannahMontanna5Ever). I love the quality of her voice, and her recent ventures in covering classic hits makes me want to tear up a stage with her even more. What a versatile artist! I covered her newest smash “Midnight Sky” since I love it so much. I’m pretty pumped for Plastic Hearts.

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I would tell anyone who wants this career path not to pursue it unless they’re positive it’s their dream

6. Any more plans for duets with Corvyx? 



As I write to you now, we’re in the studio cooking up our own musical witches brew. Details are as top secret as Trump’s tax records…for now. For the readers who are unfamiliar, Corvyx is my stunningly talented better half.

7. How often do you practice? 

In the pre-covid world, I’d have weekly rehearsals prior to tours and sessions with a vocal coach weekly. Now, I’ve been managing zoom voice sessions to keep my voice in tip-top shape, though my process is still a bit off balance. I’ve since occupied that space with optimizing my reach on socials and connecting with new and awesome fans, recording covers of my favourite songs, and writing the many originals which I plan to release with my band Pros & iCons in 2021.

8. What advice would you offer for anyone wanting to get into singing? 

I think the first steps come with learning. Singing is a craft and should be practised to near mastery. But truly, I would tell anyone who wants this career path not to pursue it unless they’re positive it’s their dream. This is a full-time gig. A full-time gig with little reward, especially financial. It’s difficult, and for the empathic artist type, it can feel like climbing a mountain with weights strapped to your feet. It’s a long climb to the top, and not many can make it without giving up, but the view once you make it is totally worth it.

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Do you think music should be about the talent rather than the “look”? 

Absolutely! Talent always speaks the loudest. Though I believe there’s talent in mastering the art of fame and the industry. Some, no matter how vocally or musically talented, don’t have the wherewithal to navigate the stress and demand of being the artist part of the job. Finding a balance of both in one artist is rare, and it’s truly inspiring to witness.

If you could do a tour, what would be your go-to countries? 

I’m lucky to have toured the United States prior to Covid running amok. Internationally, I’m most excited to perform in Japan and the UK. Tokyo because anime, fashion, and J-rock. I mean, c’mon. TOKYO! My heart. And I believe my genre would resonate really well with a UK audience. I’d also love to return to London and Oxford. It’s been quite some time since I’ve visited!

Any final words? 

For those who are new to my name: Hi! I’m Joey Dean. I’m here. I’m queer. And I am an indie-pop pioneer! Stalk me on my social media channels (@joeydeanofficial), especially YouTube and Instagram. Listen to my music and DM me your opinions. I’d love to hear what y’all think. ‘Everytime’ is available to stream on Spotify right now.
About the author: Andy Griffiths
I'm a 36 year old gay man who's been in a relationship for 11 years. I now live in Manchester. My interests include writing, movies and watching many different types of documentary. I'm not afraid to voice an opinion, but respects others views